I am passed
from place to place
person to person
a conduit for business and entertainment

Sporting Events
Corporate Mergers
Lavish Parties

I began my life shiny and new
But now I am dull and dingy
Used, abused, confused

A means to an end

During the “Good Times”
As they were called
People loved me and yet took me for granted

But, now the glory days are over
And I am hard to find
No more am I passed carelessly without a second thought

Nations gather to decide my fate
Laws, policies, referendums
Now those who thought I would be around forever
Feel what I have always felt

Used, abused, confused

The Fighting Irish

Our hero, Jennifer Schulte

Marching determinedly down the hill towards town,
My comrades and I anticipate saluting
Our walker at the finish of 50 brutal miles

When suddenly, we see some of our companions retreating, shielding their faces with what little armor they have
They shout, “Go back! Go back! The midges are attacking! We’re being eaten alive!”

Undaunted, one of our courageous leaders goes forth and proclaims, “No!, we will not let these blasted creatures ruin our glorious night! Onward to the bar!”

And so we find shelter in the Sneem Tavern to await the triumphant entry of our hero.

Hours later, we hear word from the battle station that our champion will soon be making her way to the town square
So we gird our loins and boldly brave the night air filled with the menacing beasts
To welcome her
the victorious warrior of our clan

We learn that she is approaching and choose to risk our lives to uphold hers
We march, singing the battle cry which strikes fear into our enemy
“Swweeet Caaroolinne!”
Then we see her
Midge bitten,
Spirit soaring,
We affirm her mission by choosing to let her have her moment
As bright as the Irish morning

My Body Cannot Stand What My Spirit Craves

I stand at the foot of the castle
My own feet begging me to stay

My eyes look upward at my task
They too wish to remain on the ground

My brain contemplates and weighs the worth
It declares, “No.”

But my spirit responds, “Yes.”

I take the first step
My legs begin to shake

And then a second
My knees denounce me

Ancient narrow steps take no prisoners
Especially unruly limbs

My mind begins to race
Regretting every step

Round and round I go
My equilibrium puts in overtime

Higher and higher
It threatens to go on strike

Finally, I stand at the top
My breath leaves me

My mind, my legs, my feet cannot comprehend this beauty

The land, the countryside
Laid out in all its glory
Green, green, green
Rolling hills before me

I make my way back down
Where my body feels safe
But my spirit is still there

And always will be


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