6.8.12 Reflections Back Home

Am I thinking differently now than I was when I wrote my first post? Yes I am! In my first blog, I said that I was hesitant and nervous about finding someone to interview. However, once I got to Sneem and saw and most importantly felt how friendly the people were, it became easy to gain the confidence to ask someone if they would be willing to share their story with me. Now, I know that I have the assurance and the ability to do whatever I set my mind to. Also, I feel more confident on the whole because my classmates and I have everything we need to put our group project together. In addition, I am excited about the poetry I am composing in the context of Ireland, some experiences I’ve had, and those I’ve shared with others.
I am so happy that I chose to do another study abroad trip. I feel that I have come full circle and that some of the gaps from last year have been filled in. Even though I absolutely loved and will always cherish my first study abroad experience, because of the nature and intimacy of these courses as well as the small group we had, this journey will always hold an extra special place in my heart.
The love and the desire to travel that was planted last year have been cultivated with these wonderful, unforgettable two weeks. I cannot wait to travel again whether it is back to Ireland or another country. I would love to visit other places around the world, but Ireland will always be my special place. Getting on that plane to come back home reminded me of the words of Brian Coffey in “Nightfall, Midwinter, Missouri” as part of his Missouri Sequence: “It was pain once to come,/it is pain now to go” (lines 69, 70).

View of Our Plane Going Home


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