The Glacier Ride

Every drop is you and me

Falling from the peak

That held us together.

We grab on to the mountain


Our fingers into the soil.

We creep down the incline

Slowing at each turn

Engraving history into the rock.

Each shredded path

Entwines itself

Like fingers interlocking.

The winding course broadens

And plunges

Down to the valley.

We pick up speed

Becoming entangled in a fury

Of bedrock

Dipping and punching and lowering ourselves

Into a new path

Being carved for us.

We surrender to the

Obstacles that explode before us

With vibrant show.

The solid ever-standing mountain

Becomes our masterpiece

With each carve of the chisel.

Say Something, Tire

The stretched rubber solidifies my circumference.

My black substance indents and expands for strength.

I am twisted into a connection with something bigger; I am only a piece of the grand machine.

But, if I were no longer there, then nothing is the machine.

Weight is pushed onto me with each step up and plop of the passenger.

They hop through the frame created by the opened sliding door for a far ride.

The course taken is similar in style to an s.

Sounds reverberate against me like a tunnel; I hum and whisper songs of the road.

Each turn I take forwards the journey in a slithering motion.

Hard course cement lingers in my rivets entrapping parts of the journey deep into my molds.

Trinkets of pebbles; I kick off to the sides – let them roll.

Succumbing to the orders of the captain I turn and turn;

The destination is my magnet. I am captivated by its pulling strength.

Ireland: Learning Outside and Inside of the Classroom

Confusion forms across the stretch of mountain in the distance.

Grey mist conquers the bright grass intermingled with stone.

The unknown landscape plays hide and seek between the slits of fog.

The bay becomes a question of what is beyond.

Moments fight for my attention tugging at the seam of my heart.

Breathing in and out, thoughts replayed in my mind like a film strip capturing each shaky moment.

My mind transformed and contorted performance and passion into knowledge.


My neck stiffened from the panning motion as I read the lines struck onto the pages before me.

Pieces of an ancient mythic puzzle collide with common and dull stereotypes.


I drank in the content of films that flashed by in a blur,

Categorized community and culture into a compact mold;

All show something similar.


Uncertainty dodges positive deliberation of a journey.

The shirt on my shoulders corralled drops into puddles.


Awakened by one deep breath; blessed by the forward motion of the continuous journey.

I am comforted by the fog reflecting the purple hues in the pasture.


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