6.07.12 Returning to real life

Want to hear a story about a girl from America venturing to Ireland?

Me thrilled to be at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. (Photo credit: Lindsey Wotanis/Marywood)

A girl name Molly was filled with anxiety about traveling to a far away land of Ireland. The travels turned her stomach and focused her mind of terror, but she never let on that she was scared.

She knew little of the country she was traveling to. Her knowledge came from stories and poetry that were told to her from teachers and family. She was interested in finding out what was real about Ireland and what might have been exaggerated.

The landscape completely captivated her with every move she made. The views from the hotel, van, or walk took her breath away. Her vision of Ireland became a reality when she looked out of the windows of the hotel she stayed at. All she knew of the picturesque landscape of Ireland was real. The truth is, Ireland was everything is was described to be able more.

She was able to see the country in various ways during her stay. She saw the country by bus, horseback, plane, boat, and on foot. The experiences she had made her grow in wisdom of herself and place. She learned from a legend from the town of Sneem, Ireland. He knew every story about his community and spread the knowledge through the group.

The knowledge she heard from Batt Burns made her reflect on her own community. She now longs to hear the history of her own place where she is from. She also longs to create her own stories and become a better storyteller or should I say seanchaí.

In the end, she knew it was time to return home. She wanted to stay and have more adventures through Ireland, but her family would miss her too much. Though, the experience sparked an interest in traveling and returning to the pleasing place of Ireland.


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