5.24.12 History in the beauty

Well it is true; Ireland is everything it’s been described to be. The views are simply breathtaking. No matter where you look there is something striving about the landscape. The flora and fauna of this country cannot compare to my hometown of Scranton, PA.

The view from inside one of the stone huts in the installment of “Where the Fairies Went”

At first look the scenes are captivating and jaw dropping; however, when our guide, Batt Burns relays the history of the area these place turn into something even more magnificent. In times past the history of each group of people such as; the Celts, Vikings, and the Normans migrated their way to Ireland. It seems like the rumor must have been spread around the world how wonderful this place truly is. The magical colors and mountains stretch across the entire land. The roads curve and bend around sharp turns and forwarding us further and further into rural Ireland.

In reference to learning new things it reminds me of Eavan Boland’s poem about maps and place. In “That the Science of Cartography is Limited” she talks about the death of a road intertwined with the death of the people. Reading the poem becomes more meaningful when trying to understand how Ireland was created and the history behind it. She talks about how they hired the Irish to give them jobs and create roads; however, when the people passed away the roads were abandoned. The starvation caused the population to decrease and leave the road incomplete.

These moments are the ones that tourists will never be able to understand when they are busy taking their pictures. These moments and stories are the ones that will be forgotten if not maintained by the culture and people of the town. It makes me think of how I can record all the things of my childhood and lifetime. And how important it will be to record the stories for the next generations.


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