5.22.12 Tight Travels, Big Hopes

We unite. Robert Morris University and Marywood University students and faculty jumped on the opportunity to take photo’s while waiting for a delayed flight to Shannon, Ireland in the JFK airport, NYC.

Stepping onto the bus in the Marywood parking lot gave me jitters that I didn’t think I could shake. Little did I know, the classmate (now friends) helped the calm creep in and the excitement take charge. The travel day seemed like one of the longest days I ever experienced. Between the bus ride to the airport and the delay of the the plane there was a lot of waiting. (Good thing Joe likes to wait.)

So, with all this waiting it gave me a lot of time to think. Which is sometimes good and bad, but with Ireland in the horizon… it was good! Many of the poets we read in class set this really picturesque landscape of Ireland. It seems like they all have their own love affair with this place. So it made me very curious to find what I was missing out on.  I want to be able to love Scranton the way these poets like Boland, Yeats, and Heaney love Ireland. From their poetry,  it is evident of their care and concern that they have for their place or community. The way that these poets have poetically captured their experiences makes me believe that I am going to fall in love with this country and never want to go back. Also, from what I hear of Batt Burns, it seems like he also loves his town of Sneem because he has made a living by telling stories of his community. –Wouldn’t it be great to make a living writing or storytelling (which is something you love) about the place that you hail from? The connection to your art would just be so amazing. –That is what I hope to find or gain from here, become passionate about something whether it be people, a place, or just traveling in general.

One of my hopes for myself in these travels is to really grow as a person. This trip definitely has the potential to stretch me in ways that I have never been able to before. With meeting new people, living in random rooms throughout Ireland, and just experiencing a new culture I am expecting to be changed. A change taken from Ireland will be greatly welcomed by me.

I’m really looking forward to meeting and visiting with the people of Sneem. It is a small community filled with only 375 people. I’m expecting it to be like one street with some places to go into. I feel like the air in Ireland is just going to be so fresh and crisp when I breathe it in. I’m just going  to take deep deep breaths and bring it back with me.

A concern that I am nervous about was the food in Ireland. I hear I’m expected to eat a lot of potatoes; however, I don’t particularly like mass amounts of potatoes. I’m hoping that I will be able to find something delicious. I hear that Sneem Hotel has the beeeeest french fries ever!

I’m sure by the end of this study abroad experiences I’m going to be quoting from Brian Coffey’s Missouri Sequence, Nightfall, Midwinter Missouri saying, “Pain it was to come, pain it will be to go.”


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