5.22.12 Traveling with Expectations, Hopes, and Concerns.

As my long journey continues, despite the persisting fatigue, I can feel the excitement slowly brewing inside my stomach.  The joyful hours in the van were filled laughter and abundant gaiety. Eventually every joke became hilarious all because I had started to realize I am going to the place I have longed for so long. The delay in the airport put us back three hours, making it a six and half hour wait before we were able to board the plane, and although by the end of our wait my eyes struggled to keep open, my stomach was still well aware of the up-coming adventure.

However, in the plane, seated next to a talkative, inebriated, and distinctly aromatic gentlemen speaking of Ireland is when it started to take its climatic climb. Also, my expectations arose while conversing. Although he spoke mostly of the geographical layout of Ireland, I placed mysticism between his sentence giving each place a new personal meaning. That is when I realized that my expectations and my hopes have collided into one. I will persistently seek and hope to explore the ancient magic captured, still, in these modern times. Other less- adventurous expectations include the vibrant scenery, that I was first introduced to through the the movie “The Quiet Man.” The emerald mountains and fields, the rain’s kiss on my forehead, the mist gathering above the sea are all images of Ireland burned into my brain, even before the seeing the movie, but made more visible  actually seen. I also expect to see more sheep then men, but most of all I expect a communal atmosphere abundantly present, even to an outsider.

The only concerns I have regarding this journey does not root itself in traveling to Ireland, but what I am leaving behind. Gabriel, my son, will be well missed. The aching pang my heart feels every time I am away from him more than a day or two, I am afraid, will attack my heart with vengeance every spare moment not spent in academic endeavors. If he could be with me during this trip, I doubt I would any concerns at all- with him it would be only hope.


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