5.26.12 Sneem’s Creative Spirit

Here, creativity is almost an oxymoron.  That is because everything in Sneem is creative…

Each house another color from the last, reflecting a vibrant rainbow, lines the square, which, in fact, is a triangle.  The warmth that flows through the village is quite present and, at times, seems to be opening it’s arms to embrace me with all it’s delightful hues to lean my head upon. Pottery, paintings, jewelry, many made from local artists, dangle and dazzle in the storefront windows, seem to beckon and implore the foreigner to take a piece of Ireland’s talent back home. Monuments to past heroes, sculptures, and hidden treasures, such as bird village, or a garden pathway, are found within the square and all alongside it. Every turn you take, there is something else to be in awe of.  To set this creatively boisterous town, Irish music flows fluently from the cd store, telling a story of Ireland’s history amidst it’s present. It is unlike any film we have seen in class; they depicted dreary and gray urban life (apart from one, which also wasn’t too colorful regarding the village). This village is colorful, and although it can be quite difficult to locate a resident here  (most are tourists), one can plainly see by the design of the town that creativity and the product of it, art, is in the very nature of Sneem.


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