Day 6: Storytelling, poetry, and interviewing

Today, students and faculty participated in a storytelling workshop led by Batt Burns. They took turns reciting stories aloud, as seen here. (Pictured above: Andrea Frantz, RMU faculty; Allison Ranieri, Marywood U student; Abbey Lape, RMU student, Alyssa Benson, RMU student; and Elysabethe Brown, Marywood U student. Photo Credit: Lindsey Wotanis/Marywood U). Students also participated in a poetry workshop led by Dr. Laurie McMillan. And, students continued working on their creative and journalism projects by interviewing local Sneem residents. Pictured below, Molly Boylan, Marywood U student, interviews Mike Fitzgerald, who works at the local butcher shop but also pursues acting in local theater. (Photo credit: Lindsey Wotanis/Marywood U).



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